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What do I get for referring people?

When you refer someone to the site you receive
10% of their earnings.
Upgraded Members receive even more %.

How many people can I refer?

There are no limits on how many people you can refer to the site.


How do I get paid?

- If you have at least $1.05 (Premium) or $1.50 (Standard) accumulated, you can click on "Withdraw" within Member`s Area and it will submit your request. At this time payouts only through Payza (temporary).
- Maximum values ​​for request payment (temporary): Standard $3, Premium $10
- All payments are processed as quickly as we can, in less than a week or a month.; and depend mainly of purchases (100% value of purchases goes to payments); we can not predict or control.
- Payments are made by requisition order, you can follow our payment order (approx.), visiting Payments page (Date Requested).

- Members from India, Argentina and Israel: request payment only through Payza. Paypal does not allow us to send payments to these countries.

What kind of payment processors are available?

The payment processor available at this time is Payza, we are trying to get other methods.

Why is my payment being canceled? (or pending)

- If your Profile does not have Country, or if your Country does not match your profile, your payment will be cancelled. Contact and tell us your country, will be added manually.
- At this time the maximum values for request payment are: Standard $3 and Premium acc $10 (temporary), above these values will be canceled.

- In order to cashout members from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and India, must be upgraded (not account funds).

Member Country Policy:

All members from the following countries must be upgraded (Premium account), in order to be able to cashout (not valid account funds, only valid Payza); Countries: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and India.

PIN Number

To obtain your PIN go to your Account Panel - "Account" - "Your Personal Pin", and "Change PIN" or request new PIN ("Forgot PIN"), will be sent to your email address.


What are Featured Ad Credits?

Featured Ads - Each Featured Ad credit equals 1 person viewing your text ad link on the front page of GrandPTC.info. This is a scrolling text ad link.

What are Guaranteed Signups Credits?

Guaranteed Signups: Paid to Sign Up, these are ads in the "Paid to Signup" section. A member gets paid a set amount of money to sign up with your website or program. Each Guaranteed Signups credit equals 1 Signup.

Are some sites not allowed to advertise?

Yes, adult, warez, hate, or anything else illegal are not allowed!! We have the right to refuse any ad. Contact us if you are unsure about your site.

Purchase not credited?

All purchases you make will credit your account instantly and will show up in your Order Ledger.
If you do not receive your purchase or if it does not show up in the "Order Ledger", please use the Contact page to let me know, you will be credited your order shortly.
Wait, and do not use any of the existing credits in your account until I credit everything.


Can I create more than one account?

No, you can't.
The policy of 1 person, 1 account is strictly enforced here, and anyone found violating this will have their accounts deleted without any warning.

How do I use points?

You can convert points into credits or cash. To do this, simply click on the "Converter" link in your account menu.

How can i enter my country in my profile?

If upon sign-up, your country is not auto-assigned, please send a contact thru the site with your country (send username and country), and it will be placed in your account profile by admin.

Earnings Area: "There are currently XXX premium-only ads in the system!"

The information that appears is the total number of Ads in the system (... ads in the system), some ads are targeted to a particular country (target country), this situation is the same at all "Aurora" sites, we apologize if it's confusing, but we can not do anything, we do not control it, we can not prohibit advertisers. We hope your understanding

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